How to Reduce Noise While Riding

Safety Tip of the Week

Reduce Noise to Protect Your Hearing

As any motorcycle enthusiast knows, riding can be noisy. In fact, it can be so noisy that may damage your hearing—and once that damage is done, it can’t be undone.

Nothing can promise a quiet motorcycle ride—except maybe an electric bike. A standard motorcycle idles at 80 decibels, and hearing damage starts at 85 decibels. Add in the noise of the wind constantly rushing past your ears, and the sounds of the other traffic on the road, and you’ve got a real potential for hearing damage. Some helmets are designed to lower noise levels, but others actually increase the noise. And windscreens may also increase noise by causing turbulence.

Your best bet is to use some kind of earplug whenever you ride. Be sure your helmet fits properly. (Our experts at Eagle Leather can help with that.) Try adding a wind blocker, which helps prevent the noise caused by wind turbulence which comes through the bottom of the helmet. By cutting the noise as much as possible, you’ll not only help save your hearing, you’ll cut the stress on every ride.

Stay safe out there!
- Mike

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