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Mothers always worry, no matter how old or experienced their children might be. These are a few of the things mothers, and their motorcycle enthusiast kids, should worry about when spring rolls around—finally.

The first heavy rain will bring to the surface all the oil that seeped into the pavement or asphalt during the winter. This makes for slick road surfaces. Until more rain washes the oil away, go slow and give yourself extra space and time to react to trouble. The same things goes for salt and sand that have accumulated over the winter. Until rain washes them away, take it easy.

Animals can be a danger for several reasons. For instance, deer are attracted to the roadside where the grass is new and green and tender. And young critters have no sense about crossing the road. You’ll give deer the right of way, but remember that hitting even a small animal can cause an accident with a motorcycle.

And, thinking of naïve creatures, spring sees an influx of inexperienced motorcyclists. Even experienced riders need some time to remember all their skills. So, be aware of who’s around you, keep an escape route in mind, and focus.

The spring temperatures can vary wildly during the day, so dress appropriately with liner that easily zip in and out. Wear layers when you can. Be sure to pack your rain gear and your sunglasses. It’s that time of year!

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