Driving Safely after Drinking

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When Is It Safe to Drive after Drinking?

Have you ever wondered whether a friend (or you) has had too much alcohol to drive? You watch your friend for slurred speech and stumbling. And are you repeating that joke—again? But it’s hard to tell for sure, isn’t it?

Technology may have an answer. “BrethalEyes” is an iPhone app that checks for a tremor in the eye caused by drinking alcohol (horizontal gaze nystagmus, if you want to get technical). Android phones have apps like DuI kNOw, which analyzes speech patterns.

Best of all is to play a driving simulator on your phone or tablet. You probably already have a driving simulator installed. If not, any game that requires fast reactions will do. If your friend is usually good at a game and now can’t get to Level 2—she probably shouldn’t drive, either.

Stay safe out there!
- Mike

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