Boot Up

Safety Tip of the Week
Skimp On Boots And You'll Pay The Price

When you’re uncomfortable riding, you are not paying complete attention to the road and yourself and your bike on the road—and that’s asking for trouble. We mention wearing boots that are comfortable as well as protective in the blog, but these factors can also cause discomfort and they are things you can fix easily:

  • Be sure your seat is comfortable. If you’re buying a new one, try it first. And be aware that seats age and sag (sort of like people do) so the seat that was comfortable to begin with might not be so hot many miles later.
  • If your bike style allows for it, consider adding a backrest. Get one that’s adjustable so you can make it suit you perfectly.
  • If you’re reaching too far or leaning to reach the handlebars, that will cause back strain. Consider adjusting the handlebars or adding risers.
  • Be sure the position of your foot controls is right for you. Some people prefer forward controls; others like mid-position controls. Try both and get the one that best fits your leg length and the way you sit and ride.

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