A Tale Of Caution

Safety Tip of the Week
Safety Is Always Stylish

In 1928, on the night of September 14, the famous dancer Isadora Duncan met her fate. She was riding in an open car, an Amilcar CGSS, with spoked wheels. She was wearing a long scarf, which had been hand-painted for her by the artist Roman Chatov. The scarf was wrapped around her neck. One end caught in the spokes of a wheel. The scarf tightened around her neck and she was thrown from the car and died.

With winter weather coming, it’s time to remember not to wear clothing—even scarves—that can get tangled up in spokes or chains or gears.

Don’t get so caught up in fashion that you forget safety. Denim offers some protection, but you can up that with jeans made for motorcycling, and, better, yet, with a pair of chaps. You know you’re not going to wear spike heels, but do also be sure that your boots go over your ankles for adequate protection.

Pretty rings are nice, but gloves are essential. No matter what the weather, gloves protect your hands in a fall and from any pebbles or road debris that might be thrown up.

It’s said that Gertrude Stein, when told how Duncan died, said, “Affectations can be dangerous.” Let’s make the first S in Style stand for Safety!

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