Use The Ride Guide to Promote Your Ride

Eagle Leather Will Promote Your Ride!

Starting or Ending a Ride at Eagle Leather is Free -- And So is Posting on The Ride Guide!

Be sure your event is listed on Eagle Leather’s Ride Guide—here’s how:

The Eagle Leather Ride Guide is at Right now, not many events are listed, but when the weather is more conducive to riding, we’ll have pages of rides listed, all ready for our community of customers to find and plan to attend.

Adding your event to the Ride Guide is easy. Just click on “Add a Ride—FREE” on the left side of the Ride Guide homepage. You’ll see a form. Just fill it in. The sooner you add it, the sooner riders can plan to participate. If you don’t have all the information, include what you know. You can call us at Eagle Leather to add more information later.

Title—Use the official title of your event. We usually abbreviate “motorcycle club” as “MC.” If this is an annual event, it’s good to include that (1st Annual … or Tenth Annual …).

Date—Month, Day, Year. It doesn’t hurt to specify the day of the week (Saturday, June 1, 1915).

Time—Always include the departure time (kickstands up). If riders need to be there ahead of time to register, state when registration begins. If you’re serving breakfast, state when that is served.

Location—State the location where the ride begins. If riders can join at various locations, list the earliest one here and mention the others in the Details box. Also state where the ride ends.

Address—The address lines, city, state, and ZIP are for the location where the ride begins.

Contact Name—List someone from your organization who will be able and willing to answer questions about the ride.

Contact Phone—optional, unless no email address is given.

Contact Email—optional, unless no phone is given. In other words, you need to let people know how to reach your contact person.

Website URL—If your organization has a website, list it here. If you have a page dedicated to the event, use that url; otherwise, use your homepage.

Image—if you have a poster or other artwork for the event, you can upload it to your post on The Ride Guide!

Details—Tell riders why they don’t want to miss your event. Answer the W-questions:

  • What is it (charity ride, poker run, campout, memorial ride, or just for fun; family or adult event—if it’s alcohol-free, say so; open to all riders or restricted to your membership) and the title of the event as well as anything and everything that sets your event apart, such as live music, food, a silent auction, prizes;
  • When and Where it is it (date or dates including the day of the week, beginning and ending times and locations, and times and locations of any stops on the route or alternate places to join the ride);
  • Why should riders participate (be specific about who you’re helping or remembering);
  • Who is putting on the event (a little about your organization and perhaps a thank you to sponsors).

Take your time and be as specific as possible. You can also upload a video if you like.

Once your ride is listed on the Ride Guide, we’ll include it on the Eagle Leather Facebook page. We also try to mention as many rides as we can in our weekly Eagle Leather Newsletter that reaches thousands of local riders.

Talk to us about starting your ride at Eagle Leather—we welcome your participants with coffee and cookies.

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