Safety Tip: Meet up before you start up

Safety Tip of the Week
Why are ride meetings important?

When you read the blog, you’ll probably notice that the organizers of the Jack Persons/Brian Fisher Memorial Ride have scheduled a Ride Meeting. A ride meeting is more important when the people riding have varying amounts of experience.

A typical Ride meeting goes over the length and pace of the ride and where riders will stop along the way. You might also go over hand signals. A lead rider will be named, who will set the pace, navigate, and watch for any hazards or obstacles. The lead rider will communicate with following riders using agreed-upon hand signals.

A tail rider will also be designated. The tail rider will keep an eye on the group, watching for strays and for riders who need an early rest or have mechanical trouble.

Set the traveling order with more experienced riders follow inexperienced riders, so the newcomers are not accidentally left behind.

You may also want to be sure that at least one rider has things you might need in an emergency such as a flashlight, a first aid kit, duct tape, and so on.

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