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Sharpen Your Riding Skills

Spring is a good time to sharpen your riding skills. And Mother’s Day is a great time to think about riding safety for the women in your life. If a woman often rides pillion with you, a basic motorcycle safety course will help her understand how to be safer when riding, and that will make every ride more enjoyable. Maybe you know a woman who wants to hone her skills at street riding, or get into off-roading, or learn to do basic or advanced maintenance on her bike. Think about giving her a “gift certificate” and taking the course with her. The Washington State Department of Licensing lists the approved schools.

In Auburn, you’ll find Pacific NorthWest Motorcycle Safety (www.pnwmotorcyclesafety.com) at the Outlet Collection/Seattle mall. The location of their classroom there just changed at the beginning of February. You go into the mall at the door next to LA Fitness and go toward the kid’s play are in front of Book Warehouse. Turn right and pass Zumiez. Their new classroom is the second door on the right.

They offer basic, intermediate, and advanced rider courses. Their “First Ride” course lets folks ride PNW’s bikes and get a taste of riding a motorcycle. It’s a great choice for someone who will ride pillion. They also offer additional riding hours with an experienced instructor and an on-street course.

Puget Sound Safety’s Lacey/Lakewood branch is open only by appointment. They offer courses in basic, intermediate, and experienced motorcycling, as well as advanced street skills and two levels of total control training. They provide two levels of training in motorcycle care and maintenance and courses, a camp, and training tours in off road riding.

Stay safe out there!
- Mike

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