How to Pick Good Waterproof Gloves

by Eagle Leather

Safety Tip of the Week

Keep Your Hands Warm to Ride Safely

This time of year, we don’t get a warm, tropical rain. No, we get cold, cold rain. One of the first places to feel that cold are your hands. Nobody can ride safely with hands that have gone numb from the cold.

Gloves that are lined and truly waterproof are a must this time of the year. And if you have heated gloves, even better.

To see some of the features that make a good waterproof glove, let’s look at the Explorer. It’s got a Hipora™ membrane that is both waterproof and breathable. You’re more apt to wear the gloves if they don’t give you sweaty palms, and that means you’ll be ready in case it starts to rain. The gloves have a layer of 3M’s lightweight Thinsulate™ insulation to keep your hands warm and your fingers nimble. Leather protects your palm and finger pads. The gloves are the full-gauntlet style that fits over your jacket sleeves to help keep water from seeping down from your wrist. This style works best if your arms are level or on the up-slope as you ride. Otherwise, look for gloves that fit under your jacket sleeves. You can cinch the adjustable wrist strap tightly closed with one hand. Reflective piping gives you extra visibility in bad weather. And, as something that is not ordinary but is nice to have, the left index finger has a wiper blade to swipe across your visor and clear the raindrops.

You’ll find more waterproof gloves on the Eagle Leather online store by clicking here.

Stay safe out there!
- Mike

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