Heated Gear Safety

Safety Tip of the Week
Safety First With Heated Gear

In the blog, we’ll look at the new Mobile Warming® active-wear heated gear. These are a few things to be careful of:

  • The battery doesn’t last forever. For a full days ride in cold weather, carry a spare.
  • Don’t store the battery below minus four degrees Fahrenheit or above one-forty.
  • Don’t put the gear close to a heat source and keep the battery away from direct flame or heat—otherwise it might explode.
  • Remove the battery and temperature control and machine-wash the garment on gentle or delicate and in warm water with mild detergent and no bleach. Hang to dry without wringing or twisting it. Never tumble-dry in the dryer, iron, or dry clean this gear.

See the owner’s manual for other precautions and instructions.

Stay safe out there!
- Mike

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