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Autumn: Delights=Dangers!

The cool, crisp days of fall combine with magnificent scenery to create ideal conditions for motorcycle enthusiasts. However, autumn brings its own hazards. Here are a few things to remember while you enjoy the season.

Did you know that wet leaves can be just as slippery as ice? Though we get enough rain in the autumn, morning dew is enough moisture to make fallen leaves slippery. And dry leaves can pile up and hide hazards like loose sand, potholes, or road debris. So, as you enjoy the fall colors in the trees and shrubs, steer clear of fallen leaves on the roadways. If you cannot keep clear, then go very slowly.

As the days grow colder, morning frost can be a hazard, especially in shaded spots.

Autumn is also the worst season for deer-motorcycle crashes. In fact, according to Farmers Insurance, over a third of all animal collisions happen during the three months of September, October, and November. Not only does night come on earlier, but hunting can push deer out of the deep woods and closer to roadways. Especially if you are riding at night, keep a lookout for glowing eyes at the side of the road and slow down when you see them. Remember that deer rarely travel alone. As the saying goes, “It’s the third deer that gets you.”

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