Fourth of July Holiday Safety Tips

Safety Tip of the Week

Tips for a Safe Fourth of July Holiday

While you’re celebrating Independence Day, keep these facts in mind:

Alcohol can impair your judgement when you have just a 0.02% BAC—far below the legal limit. So, it’s no wonder so many people think they are able to drive safely when they aren’t.

Alcohol slows your reaction time by 15% to 25%. When it takes you that much longer to react, a crash or wipeout becomes more likely.

Alcohol affects your vision. It reduces your visual acuity by 32%—nearly a third. It cuts your peripheral vision so you have tunnel vision and that especially affects your ability to corner safely. It causes your eyes to dilate so you are more affected by glare. And it wrecks your depth perception so you can’t judge distances as well, and you know that means trouble.

So have a glorious—and safe—Fourth of July!

Stay safe out there!
- Mike

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