An Autumn Hazard

Safety Tip of the Week
Eyes On The Road!

One of the joys of riding in the autumn is looking at the leaf colors—red, yellow, orange. Those colors can be mesmerizing, so you need to make an effort to keep your eyes on the road. Take a few minutes to stop at a scenic overlook or other safe spot and really enjoy the vista.

Those leaves can be hazardous in other ways too. Especially if you’re trail-riding, rain-soaked leaves can shower down and stick to your visor or windshield,

Leaves on the ground can hide hazards such as holes or rocks—or anything that sticks up a ways.

Leaves can hide wet areas, especially at the side of the road.

And, leaves, especially wet leaves, can throw you into a skid with disastrous consequences.

You really can’t avoid leaves during the fall, but you can be aware of the possible dangers they mask or create and to a little slower and more carefully.

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