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    Gear Up with The Right Riding Gear and Enjoy Your Ride

    Simply visualize the modern car with its dedicated crumple zones, firewall, seatbelts, and airbags. These are the safety features that wrap around us, providing us with every benefit that modern science can afford. However, they even confine us. They put the world behind glass while caging us in metal. They filter out the aroma of spring and they climate-control the cool pocket of air as we ride through the shade.

    People call us crazy. They say we have a death wish. We simply would like more out of life than to see it pass our window. We would like to get where we are going as much as the next guy - but we reject the concession that the journey is something that must be endured so that the destination can be adored. We are not crazy, and we do not have a death wish.

    At worst? Call us greedy.

    We ride because we would like to have our cake and eat it as well!

    That is the reason motorcycle riding gear is so indispensable. There are no seatbelts, and there is little margin for error. We wear it all on our backs. But that does not say we can’t still give ourselves every advantage of modern technology. That does not signify we can’t have airbag protection or the most advanced motorcycle helmets available to absorb the energy of an impact. You did not compromise when you opt to take pleasure in your mode of transportation, and you are not supposed to compromise on your safety when you ride.

    When you shop for your riding gear on Eagle Leather, you have access to the best motorcycle gear online and the wildest library of educational and editorial articles on the web to help you select the motorcycle safety gear that is best for you and the way you ride. Welcome to having your cake and eating it as well!

    Best motorcycle gear online

    Eagle Leather is pleased to present you with our latest and best collection of uniquely designed men’s motorcycle gear that will meet all your requirements. Our wide selection of products includes motorcycle clothing. Our range is a perfect blend of practicality and style, which also signifies that you will get the safest and durable clothing. We offer premium products that are priced to suit every person’s budget needs and will not compromise on the safety aspect.

    We understand that when riding, every biker would like to have motorcycle gear that is an ideal fit and offer ultimate security. So, gear up with our summer clothing with air mesh technology or all-season waterproof gear. At Eagle Leather, we have a premium collection of motorcycle gear that is available in a variety of colors, styles, and sizes. We provide you with the flexibility to choose the best riding gear.

    Types of riding gear

    In broad terms, these can be segregated into three categories, such as:

    • Street - The street-focused riding gear is more about comfort and less about safety. It will have more comfort and ventilation in contrast to the safety parameter.
    • Touring - The touring riding gear will have more resistance against external factors like rain, dust and overall durability. It will home in on distance touring along with protection and comfort.
    • Track - The track-focused riding gear is the most protective equipment out there. It is designed to brace the impact in the most promising way possible. It does not revolve around comfort, but it will safeguard you from injuries.

    Which riding gear is an ideal fit for you?

    Most of it comes down to your kind and style of riding. If you are a city commuter and riding within city boundaries is what you mostly intend to do, then the best suited protective motorcycle riding gear would be street-based. It offers more ventilation and comfort for the busy city runs.

    You would certainly benefit more from the touring specialized motorcycle riding gear if you were into those long weekend rides and longer holiday distance touring. This is because this type of gear is more resistant to rain, dirt, and dust

    However, a full suit with gauntlet glove and full-length boots will serve you best if you are a track junkie. A helmet is standard for all sorts of riding, you can’t compromise on that, be it going out to get some groceries or whether you are on the track.

    Flawless Leather Riding Jackets

    At Eagle Leather, we offer a wide range of premium leather jackets that offer excellent protection and are also a perfect fashion statement. They are luxurious and durable pieces that offer a rugged look. They are made of authentic, premium leather for more comfort.

    Some of these jackets have armor on the shoulder and elbow areas and foam padding or armor at the back. It helps to protect the body from impact by offering cushioning on the areas that are most likely to sustain impact at the time of a crash.

    Premium Riding Pants

    When riding your motorcycle, it is not a wonderful idea to wear normal pants. Regular pants can’t protect you as much as specialized riding pants. The pants we offer at Eagle Leather are made to protect you during road accidents.

    They have armor at the knees and some of them even have foam padding at the hip area. The same as riding jackets, they are also made using abrasion resistant textile / mesh or leather. So, even in case of a fall, armor in your pants would take the 1st impact and in case of a small crash, the cloth would not tear off.

    Browse our range of products, we are confident that you will come across what you are in search of!