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    What are Modular Helmets?

    Modular Helmets are a hybrid of sorts between open and full-face helmets. They have a hinge built into their design that allows the chinar to be flipped up. This chinar can also be opened by pulling a lever. There’s also a metal to metal locking mechanism in place that ensures safety in the event of a collision.

    History of Modular Helmets

    When motorcycles first gained popularity, open-face helmets were the only type of helmets available. Bell came up with the concept of full-face helmets in the 1960s. They were the helmets of choice for professional riders due to the numerous levels of protection they offered. Soon enough, they became quite popular among general bikers too.

    Many riders, however, still wanted the convenience of an open-face helmet while being safe. Modular motorcycle helmets were designed to meet this need. These helmets stood out because of one additional feature - the ability to flip your chin bar up. This means you can breathe better and enjoy the view any time you like by just rotating up the chin bar. Naturally, Modular Helmets became very popular with riders and continue to be so even today.

    Pros of a Modular Helmet:

    • This type of helmet is a good compromise between full face protection and the ventilation offered by open face helmets. If you want something that provides safety and convenience, a modular helmet is perfect.
    • A lot of bikers will appreciate the ability to open up the front of their helmets to let some fresh air in. Especially ones that are riding in hot climates.
    • These are great for riders who have to stop and communicate face-to-face with other people frequently. For example, delivery agents or couriers.
    • People who wear glasses while riding may find modular helmets much more comfortable to wear.
    • Riders who like grabbing a drink of water or a snack at a break will appreciate the convenience a flip-up chin bar offers.

    Cons of a Modular Helmet:

    Modular Helmets may be heavier than full-face helmets because of the internal mechanisms for the flip-up visor

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