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    What are Modular Helmets?

    Modular Helmets are a unique blend between open and full-face helmets. They feature a hinge that allows the chin bar to flip up, offering both safety and convenience. A metal-to-metal locking mechanism ensures that the helmet remains secure in the event of a collision.

    History of Modular Helmets

    The early days of motorcycling featured primarily open-face helmets until Bell introduced the full-face design in the 1960s. These became popular for their added protection but left some riders missing the freedom of open-face helmets. Enter the Modular Helmet, designed to offer the best of both worlds: the protection of a full-face helmet and the convenience of an open-face design.

    Pros of a Modular Helmet:

    • A great balance between the protection of full-face helmets and the ventilation of open-face helmets.
    • Perfect for hot climates where you'd want to let in some fresh air.
    • Ideal for people who need to communicate frequently during stops, such as delivery agents.
    • A comfortable option for those who wear glasses while riding.
    • The flip-up chin bar is handy for quick sips of water or snacks during breaks.

    Cons of a Modular Helmet:

    Modular Helmets often weigh more than full-face helmets due to the mechanisms required for the flip-up chin bar.

    At Eagle Leather, we stock a wide selection of Modular Helmets from leading brands like HJC, Bell, LS2, and Scorpion. Our helmets offer the convenience of easy-to-use flip-up chin bars and lightweight shells for optimum comfort and safety. Plus, enjoy free shipping on orders over $69 and the option for interest-free installments. For any questions or assistance, call us at +1 800 972 3572.

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