Why Is Matt Late Again?

A Little Humor

Matt Is Always on Time, Except for One Day a Year

Al and his wife Betty owned a motorcycle store. When that time of year rolled around again, when it was time to “spring forward” and set the clocks ahead, he was talking to Betty at breakfast.

“I wonder if Matt will be late again today.”

“It’s the same thing every year. The day after we set the clocks ahead, he’s late.” Betty went on. “This year I’m going to find out why.”

Al and Betty rode their motorcycles to the store and opened for the day. Sure enough, Matt was late.

When he came in, Betty asked him, “Matt, you’re always on time, except for one day a year. What makes you late on the day after we go on daylight savings time? Do you have trouble remembering to set the clock ahead?”

“No,” Matt answered. “But after I stay up until two in the morning to turn the clock ahead, I’m just too tired to get up when the alarm goes off.”

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