Too Good To Be True

A Little Humor
Too Good To Be True

Alfie rode his motorcycle to work every day. And every day he told anyone who would listen how important safety was and that the company didn’t do enough about it.

Simon, the president of the company, heard about this and called Alfie into his office. “Alfie, I hear you have some strong opinions. You complain that this company doesn’t do enough about safety. Just what do you think we should be doing?”

Alfie figured this might be his only chance to make a difference, so he spoke right up. “We should have two paid days devoted to safety training. We should get ergonomic office furniture and stand-up desks for everyone. We should have only organic food in the lunchroom. And, we should have a fulltime health and fitness coach we can work with when we need to.”

Simon had his response ready. “Suppose I give you all that and a twenty-thousand dollar bonus for coming up with those ideas. What would you say?”

“Are you joking!”

“Sure I am. Aren’t you?”

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