Tollbooth Drama

A Little Humor
Recommended by Dentists and Tollbooth Workers

Clell was riding his motorcycle when he came to a tollgate. As he waited in the short line to drop his change into the basket, he heard the brakes squealing on a semi just two tollbooths over. As Clell watched in horror, the semi ploughed into the booth.

Clell pushed his bike to the roadside and ran to help. Luckily that tollbooth was empty and the trucker wasn’t hurt. But pieces of tollbooth were scattered all over the lanes behind the tollgate.

Within minutes, a white highway-department pickup pulled in and a crew hopped out. Clell watched, fascinated, as the workers smeared white goo on the sides of the broken pieces. They stuck pieces together, two by two, and—presto—the tollbooth was reassembled and ready to use.

Clell couldn’t believe it. “What’s that stuff you used to stick the pieces together?” he asked one of the workers.

The worker answered, “Tollgate boothpaste.”

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