Three Officers Cross a Creek

A Little Humor

How Did The Officers Cross The Creek?

Three officers rode their motorcycles to a remote wilderness hiking trail. After they’d walked for quite a ways, they came to a rampaging creek. How would they ever get across?

The Air Force colonel prayed, “Dear God, give me the strength to get across this stream.”


The colonel had huge arms and strong legs and was able to swim across. However, it took him well over an hour and he was exhausted when he reached the other side.

The Army colonel took note and adjusted his prayer, “Dear God, give me the strength and the tools I need to cross this stream safely.”


There was a little boat and oars, which the colonel used to cross the stream. It did take him nearly as long as it had taken the Army colonel and he almost capsized a few times.

So the Navy captain changed up the prayer, too. “Dear God,” he prayed, “Give me the strength, the tools, and the intelligence to get across this creek.”

God turned him into a Marine lance corporal, who looked at his map, hiked downstream a hundred yards or so, and walked across the bridge.

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