The Old Fisherman

A Little Humor
How Many Did You Catch?

The deluge of rain had finally let up and Wilbur was riding home on his motorcycle. He had to go slow to avoid the many rain-filled potholes. He was amazed to see an old men sitting on the curb. He had a string tied to a stick and and was dangling the string in the water in an especially large pothole.

“What are you doing, sir,” Wilbur asked.

“Fishing,” replied the old man.

Wilbur thought the old fellow was crazy and was about to ride on. Just then the skies opened and rain poured down in torrents. Wilbur parked his bike under the awning at a bar that happened to be right there. He took pity on the old “fisherman.”

“Hey, come in with me. I’ll buy you a drink,” Wilbur said.

When the old man and Wilbur were seated at the bar waiting for their drinks, he felt sorry for the crazy old guy and asked, “How many did you catch today?”

“You’re the fourth one.”

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