The Needy Date

A Little Humor
Dating or Waiting?

Melvin loved to dance. He took Amelia to the big Christmas party on his motorcycle. No sooner were they in the door when Amelia said, “I didn’t have a chance to eat supper. Could you bring me some of those little sandwiches from the buffet?”

Melvin headed off to the buffet, where he waited in line for a good ten minutes, all the while itching to be on the dance floor. Finally, he brought Amelia her petite sandwiches. She finished them quickly and then said, “I’m still hungry. Did they have any cake at the buffet?”

“Yes,” Melvin answered. “I’ll get you some cake.” Again he waited in line, and this time the line was twice as long. His patience was quickly coming to an end. He wanted to dance!

He brought the cake back to Amelia and was getting more and more irritated as she nibbled delicately. And then she said, “I’m so thirsty, Melvin. Could you get me some punch, please?”

And what do you know? There was no punch line.

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