The Lost Drone Motorcycle

A Little Humor
A Close Call

Marilou was flying her drone motorcycle over Seattle when her navigation and communication systems shorted out. Because of clouds and haze, she couldn’t see where she was in order to land at the downtown drone-port.

She saw a tall building, flew toward it, made a hand-written sign, and held it over her head. The sign read: WHERE AM I?

The folks in the building were quick to respond. They soon held up a sign: YOU ARE IN A HELICOPTER.

Marilou smiled and waved. She glanced at her map and set course for the drone-port. When she told her co-workers what had happened.

One of them asked, “How did the YOU ARE IN A HELICOPTER sign help you realize where you were?”

“Easy,” answered Marilou. “They gave me an answer that was technically right, but of no use whatsoever. It had to be the Microsoft building.”

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