Simon Comes Face to Face With a Bear

A Little Humor

Simon The Atheist Asks God for a Favor

Simon was an avid motorcycle enthusiast. He was also an atheist. One fine summer weekend he rode to Mt. Rainier and set up his tent far from any other campers. After a supper of campfire chili, he doused the embers of his fire and turned in for the night. Before too long, he heard snuffling and low growling.

Huge claws raked open the side of his tent. He tried to run, but was held down by his sleeping bag. The bear pinned Simon, showed his sharp teeth, and raised a powerful paw. Simon screamed, “God, please help me!”

Time stopped. From within glowing orb of white light, a voice spoke, “Now, because you need me, you believe! Well, I am merciful. I’ll give you one last chance.”

Simon was ashamed to ask a favor just for himself, so, after some thought, he asked, “Can you make the bear kinder to human beings?”

The heavenly voice answered, “Of course I can. If that is what you want, let it be so.”

The light blinked out. The bear closed his mouth, lowered his paw, and sat next to Simon. Then the bear put his paws together, bowed his huge head, and began, “Dear God, thank you for this meal I am about to eat….”

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