Side Road Humor

A Little Humor
Do You Know What is Down the Road?

You probably don’t know that down one of the many side roads on the route of the Oyster Run is a somewhat run-down monastery named Our Lady of Perpetual Catastrophe.

Without wealthy benefactors, and with no means of making a living, the brothers were in dire need.

Abbot Alphonsius decreed: “We’ll plant potatoes and catch fish and we’ll sell fish and chips.”

The plan was put into motion at once and by fall the chip and fish business was ready to go and signs were up along the main highway advertising the new business. The first customer was Jim, a motorcycle enthusiast on the Oyster Run who saw one of the signs and decided to try.

He pulled the bell that hung by the monastery door. One of the brothers answered the door.

Jim asked, “Are you the fish friar?”

“No, I’m the chip monk.”

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