Roommate Drama

A Little Humor
Just Keep Jammin'

Archie McTavish was thrilled! He was the first of his clan to be admitted to Oxford. He rode his motorcycle from his isolated farmstead through Scotland and England to the university, where he took up residence in the dormitory. After a few months, his mother came to see how he was doing.

“Well,” said Archie, “my studies are going well, but these English are awful noisy.”

“What do you mean?” asked his mother.

“The one on that side of my room bangs his head against the wall, bang, bang, bang, night after night. And the guy on the other side there, he just screams and screams.”

“Goodness gracious, son! How do you handle that?”

“Ach, all I can do is just sit still and keep playing my bagpipes.”

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