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Safety Tip of the Week
“Don’t spend more protecting your head than it’s worth.”

We recently came across an older saying, “Don’t spend more protecting your head than it’s worth.”

Our heads are worth the cost of a helmet, that’s for sure. This time of year is a good time to consider buying a new helmet. Take the manufacturer’s advice seriously and, if your helmet is nearing the end of its recommended lifetime, buy a new one. If your helmet was dropped or in an accident, it should be replaced. Hanging on to an old, old helmet may mean you don’t have the advantages of new materials and new engineering. Consider an upgrade—your head is worth it.

Because we’ve consolidated our stores, you’ll find lots of helmets in a variety of styles and sizes with deep discounts at our Lakewood location. The sale, and the helmets, won’t last forever. See you soon!

Stay safe out there!
- Mike

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