Prince Gets Pulled Over By The State Trooper

A Little Humor

Prince Puts the Pedal to the Metal

One cold winter day Prince flew into his hometown of Minneapolis and decided it was too cold to ride his motorcycle home to Paisley Park, so he called for a limousine.

Once on the freeway, he asked the driver if he could try driving the limo. “I’ve never done that, and I’d really like to try it.”

The driver agreed and they pulled off the freeway. They got the front seat adjusted for Prince’s short stature and were on their way. However, over the chauffeur’s vehement objections, Prince put the pedal to the metal, and soon they were doing ninety miles an hour in a seventy zone.

Sure enough, a siren wailed and lights flashed, and a state trooper pulled them over. He didn’t even ask for Prince’s ID before he had his supervisor on the phone. “I’ve just pulled over a real VIP. What do I do?”

The supervisor answered, “Is it the governor again?”

“No, but he’s even more important than the governor. He’s got Prince for his chauffeur.”

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