No S’Mores at Eagle Leather Barbecues

A Little Humor

Why You Won’t Get S’Mores at Eagle Leather Barbecues

Chuck and Mavis had four other couples who loved both motorcycling and barbecues over for a backyard picnic. The coals in the fire pit were dying down, and the sky was purply-black. Chuck brought out the marshmallows and toasting sticks, while Mavis got the graham crackers and chocolate squares ready.

They were all putting marshmallows onto the toasting sticks when they heard sirens. They glimpsed flashing lights hurtling down the street in front of the house. All too soon, the sirens stopped. They rushed to see what was going on and saw that a house just three doors down was in flames. It’s only human—they ran to the scene.

After getting quite a few dirty looks, they realized that they’d brought their marshmallow-tipped sticks with them.

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