No Frowning!

A Little Humor
A Gorilla In The Backseat

We’re not at all sure which of these silly laws is actually enforced, but we got a few chuckles and a couple guffaws making this little list:

In Alaska, you can’t drive with a dog strapped to the roof of your vehicle.

In Denver, you can’t drive a black car on Sunday.

In Minneapolis, you can’t drive a red car on Lake Street.

In Glendale, CA, you may not jump from a car going 65 mph.

In Derby, KS, screeching your tires is a misdemeanor that can earn you 30 days in the pokey.

In Montana, you can’t leave your sheep untended in your truck.

On Pennsylvania country roads, you’re supposed to stop and fire a rocket every mile to warn livestock that you’re coming.

In New Jersey, you’re forbidden to frown at a policeman.

In Massachusetts, you must not drive with a gorilla in the backseat. We assume this would apply to having a gorilla as a passenger on your motorcycle.

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