Melvin Tries Oysters for The First Time

A Little Humor

Melvin Tries Au Naturel Oysters

Pat and Melvin rode their motorcycles all the way from Wyoming to participate in the famous Oyster Run. At the first stop, Pat chickened out on the oysters and ordered flounder. But Melvin couldn’t wait to try this delicacy he’d heard so much about.

“What does this au naturel mean?” he asked the waiter.

“Oh, that just means we cook the oysters and serve them just as they are when they come from the sea.”

“That’s just what I want,” Melvin said.

Soon the waiter brought their orders, and the two men tucked in to their lunch. Not half an hour later, Melvin was doubled over in pain.

“I think I’m dying, Pat. Help me.”

There was no way Melvin could ride his motorcycle to the emergency room, so Pat called a taxi. In the emergency room, the doctor asked what Melvin had eaten recently.

“Oysters, eh?” she said. “Were the oysters fresh?”

“I don’t know.” Melvin gasped out. “I had never seen an oyster until today.”

The doctor asked, “What color were they when you shelled them?”

Melvin was flummoxed. “What do you mean, shelled them?

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