Marty Can't Afford Therapy

by Eagle Leather
A Little Humor
Bike or Therapy?

Marty was afraid to go to bed at night. Ever since childhood, he’d been afraid someone—or something—was lurking under his bed. Finally, he went to see a psychiatrist and explained his problem.

Dr. Adams said, “I’m sure we can cure that in a year or so. Just talk to the receptionist and set up three sessions a week.”

“How much will each session cost?”

“A hundred dollars.”

Marty was taken aback. “Let me mull that over, Doc. It’s a lot of money.”

A couple months later Marty ran into Dr. Adams at the grocery store. “How is that sleep problem coming along? Still have monsters under your bed?” the doctor asked.

“No, doc, I don’t. See I was at the motorcycle dealership and I was looking at this real beauty. I got to talking to the saleslady about my problem and what you’d charge to cure it. I suppose you know that a hundred bucks a visit times three visits a week times fifty-some weeks adds up to quite a big amount. I just couldn’t afford both you and the bike. But she cured me, and I bought the bike.”

“How did she cure you?”

“She had me cut the legs off my bed.”

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