Marty and The Tacks Evasion

A Little Humor
Tacks Evasion

Marty was riding his motorcycle to work very early in the morning. As he cruised along on the nearly deserted freeway, a box fell from the truck in front of him. With quick reflexes he zigged into the adjoining lane. And then he heard the siren.

“Why are you pulling me over?” Marty asked.

“You were swerving all over the road.”

“I was just trying to avoid that box.”

“What box?”

“That one down there. It fell off a truck right into my path.”

The trooper checked for traffic and then walked back to the box. He opened it and found that it held upholstery tacks.

He walked back to Marty and said, “Well, it’s a good thing you swerved, but I’ve got to write you up for a different offense.”


“Tacks evasion.”

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