Martha Tries to Get Andy Acquitted

A Little Humor

Why Did Martha's Plan Fail?

Martha the motorcycle enthusiast had one of the least-popular jobs in America. She was a defense attorney, and her job was to get her clients acquitted—no matter what.

Andy was her client, and he was one of the ones she didn’t think she could get off. His wife Natalie was missing and he was accused of killing her and getting rid of her body. Neighbors testified to the frequent fights the couple had; relatives told how frightened Andy’s wife was. When the police testified that they’d hauled Andy in several times for spousal abuse, things were really looking grim.

But Martha had a plan. She addressed the jury, “Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve had some surprising news. If you look at the door at the back of the courtroom, you’ll see Natalie walk through that door, very much alive.”

All eyes focused on that door. But nothing happened.

Once again, Martha spoke to the jury, “Ladies and gentlemen, no one is coming through that door. However, because all of you looked, that proves you have the shadow of a doubt about my client’s guilt. Because you looked, you must find him innocent.”

Low and behold, the jury found Andy guilty.

Martha had the opportunity to question the jury. She asked, “How could you find Andy guilty when you all thought Natalie might walk through that door?”

The jury foreman answered, “We did all look toward the door. But one person in that courtroom never turned his head.”

“Who was that?” asked Martha.


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