Martha at the Tavern

A Little Humor
Martha at her favorite tavern

Martha of the beautiful eyes nursed a beer at the bar in her favorite motorcycle-friendly tavern. Her red hair curled over her shoulders. She wore a striking vegan leather jacket, form-fitting jeans, and calf-length boots.

When Al parked his bike and strode into the bar, Martha was the first thing he saw and the last thing he noticed.

He stumbled just a bit as he walked to the barstool next to her. He offered to buy her a drink. Martha refused. Al sat and stared deeply into her eyes.

“I would do anything for one kiss from you,” he said.


“Yes, just name it.”

“Go to this address and mow the lawn.” She scribbled an address on a beer mat.

Away went Al. Two hours later, he came back.

“I did it. Now, come outside and give me a kiss.”

“No need to go outside. Thanks for mowing my boyfriend’s lawn.” She put a Hershey’s kiss on the bar, walked out, and rode away.

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