John Gets a Flat Tire

A Little Humor

John Gets Some Unexpected Advice

I was looking for jokes about motorcycles and wheels and I ran across this one, which isn’t about motorcycles, but is just too cute to miss:

John was driving past a hospital for mentally ill people when he had a flat tire. He took off the hubcap, removed the bolts, and carefully put the bolts into the hubcap. Then he took the wheel off and stood up—and knocked over the hubcap. The bolts spilled into the storm sewer drain.

When he stopped cussing, John heard a patient calling him from behind the hospital fence. “Hey, you,” the man said, “just take one bolt from each tire so each tire will have three bolts. That should get you to a service station.”

“That’s a great idea! Thank you so much! I don’t see why you’ve been locked up in there.”

The patient said, “I’m here for being crazy, not stupid.”

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