Jerry Falls for Angeline

A Little Humor
A Three-Word Wish

Angeline was enjoying a cool brew at the end of a long motorcycle ride in her favorite tavern. In walked Jerry, dressed to the nines. He was tall, dark, and handsome, and then-some. Angeline couldn’t take her eyes from his muscular shoulders.

The stranger must have been interested in Angeline, because he stared right back at her long blonde hair and shapely figure.

He got his fancy cocktail (wouldn’t you know) and walked over to her. “I’ll to anything you want, Gorgeous, but on just one condition.”

Angeline looked him up and down in appraisal. Finally, she nodded. “What is this one condition,” she asked.

“Tell me your wish in just three little words.”

Angeline looked at him from her long-lashed blue eyes and said, “Clean my house."

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