Grandma Wilson Makes Her Will

A Little Humor
Cal Gets a Special Gift from Grandma

Grandma Wilson was dying. She called her grandchildren to her bedside. They all filed into her hospital room except Cal, who was busy updating his Facebook page.

“Come closer, Robin,” she said.

When he approached her bed, she told him, “I’m leaving you my motorcycles and all my gear.”

She told Jerry she was leaving him her house and furniture. Martha got her stock portfolio.

“Where’s Cal?” Grandma asked.

“He’s in the hall, updating his Facebook page.”

“Well, get him in here.”

When Cal came in, Grandma said, “I’m leaving you my farm. That includes the livestock, the tractor, the harvest, and $3,768,422.38.”

Cal was startled. “Grandma, I never knew you had a farm. Where is it?”

“On Facebook.”

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