Gloria Gets a Makeover

A Little Humor

Gloria Wants a Makeover

Gloria was in her sixties, and she’d been a motorcycle enthusiast for over thirty years. She had tuned up her motorcycle for spring, checked all her riding gear and bought a new helmet, and she was ready for a little makeover herself.

It took a few hours, but she found a picture of a hairdo she liked in a fashion magazine. She took the picture with her to the salon.

“Here,” she said to the stylist. “This is what I want to look like.”

The stylist looked from the picture to Gloria’s thinning gray hair. After a long pause, he motioned to the chair. “Please be seated, madam.”

Gloria settled into the chair. The stylist hummed to himself as he began to clip and shape. Gloria was contented as could be until she recognized the song he was humming.

It was the theme from Mission Impossible.

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