Get a Job

A Little Humor
Get a Job!

Some motorcycle enthusiasts met at a Job Fair. They were discussing the trouble they had finding employment.

Morty got canned from his job in an orange juice factory, but he got canned. Then he tried to work in a deli, but no matter how he sliced it, he couldn’t cut the mustard.

Don was a lumberjack, but he couldn’t hack it, so they gave him the ax. He tried working in a muffler factory, but it was too exhausting.

Samson was a musician, but discovered that he wasn’t noteworthy. He tried working in a shoe factory, but he just didn’t fit in.

Cindy studied to become a doctor, but she didn’t have any patience. She got a job at the local gym, but they told her she wasn’t fit for the job.

Ralph was a professional fisherman, but he couldn’t live on his net income. He had to quit his job with the pool maintenance company because the work was too draining.

Maurice became a historian, until he realized there was no future in it. So he moved to Seattle to work at Starbucks, but quit because it was always the same old grind.

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