Gary's Speeding Ticket

A Little Humor
Gary and the Patrolman

Gary had a brand new Harley and he was putting it through its paces on the freeway when he heard the dread sound of a siren behind him.

“I can outrun him,” Gary thinks and speeds up. He’s going ninety, a hundred, a hundred ten and the flashing red lights are just behind him. He realizes what he’s doing—how unsafe he is—and pulls over.

The highway patrolman walks up and asks for his license. When he comes back after checking Gary’s license and registration, he tells Gary, “Look, you were speeding, right? But you look like an okay guy and you have no prior offenses. It’s the end of my shift, and I don’t need any more paperwork. So, if you can give me an excuse I haven’t heard before, I’ll let you off with a verbal warning.”

Gary says, “I bought this Harley to celebrate my divorce. My wife ran away with a highway patrolman. When I heard your siren, I thought you were that guy trying to give her back.”

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