Don't Make Assumptions!

A Little Humor
Don't Make Assumptions

Al is a volunteer at the local Chamber of Commerce tourist information office and a motorcycle enthusiast. He watched as two elderly people parked their scooters and came to stand looking at the hotel brochures in the window.

The man and the woman both looked tired, disheveled, and a bit raggedy.

Al motioned for them to come in.

The old man asked, “Do you have a recommendation for a cheap, clean hotel?”

Al said, “Look, I have the greatest respect for you both, riding and traveling at your age. I’m going to treat you to a night at the best hotel around. Full service. Dinner, too. And all on me.”

The man and woman were a bit dazed, but happy, and rode off to the swanky hotel.

The next morning the old woman came back to the tourist bureau and thanked Al for the dinner and the hotel.

“I have just one question,” she said. “Who was that old man I had to share the room with?”

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