Dave Brags About His Ancestor

A Little Humor

Dave Brags About His Patriotic Ancestor

Dave was a motorcyclist and proud patriot. He bragged that his ancestor served in the Revolutionary War whenever he had the chance.

He’d been boasting to Gary while they were having a libation at a stop on a poker run. Gary said, “That’s amazing. I have an ancestor who fought in the Revolutionary War, too. Do you belong to the Sons of the American Revolution?”

Dave got a sheepish look. “No, I don’t.”

“Why not?”

“I’m not eligible. He fought in the British Army and, though he deserted and stayed in America, it was after the war was over.”

“That’s fascinating. Do you have any idea why he decided to desert the British and stay here?”

“Well, yes. According to the family story, General Cornwallis was probably the meanest officer the British Army ever knew and my ancestor was his orderly. After he surrendered at Yorktown, he told my ancestor that he was discharged and added, ‘I suppose you can’t wait for me to die so you can dance on my grave.’ And my ancestor replied, ‘No, sir. Now that I’m out of the army, I vow I’ll never stand in line again.’”

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