Creative Deception

A Little Humor
Wishful Thinking or Lying?

Kerry, the policewoman, takes the description of a missing husband from a woman named Ella, “He’s six feet tall, with a great build, dimples when he smiles, and a laugh that brings sunshine in a coal mine.”

As she’s getting onto her motorcycle, Kerry sees a neighbor park her cycle in the driveway. To verify the description, she repeats that description to the neighbor and asks, “Can you add anything to that?”

“Well,” the neighbor says after shutting off her own motorcycle, “you can’t believe a word Ella says. Her husband is actually not even five foot two. He’s fat and he’s the biggest grump in the world. I’ve never seen him smile, let alone laugh.”

Kerry goes back to Ella’s house. “Why did you give me such a false description?”

“Just because that’s not what I lost doesn’t mean that isn’t what I want back.”

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