Billy and The Frog

A Little Humor
At Least He Was Clean

Delia was in her driveway washing her motorcycle when Billy, a neighbor boy, walked by. He was struggling to carry a huge box of laundry soap.

“Billy,” Delia asked, “what are you doing with that big box of soap? Does your mom have a lot of laundry to do?”

“It’s not for Mom,” Billy answered. “It’s for me. I’m going to wash my pet frog.”

“Billy, if you use all that detergent on your frog, it might die.”

But Billy paid no attention and went merrily on his way.

A few days later, Delia happened to see Billy dribbling his basketball along the sidewalk.

“Hi, Billy,” she said. “What happened to your frog?”

“Oh, he died.”

Delia bit her tongue. She really didn’t want to say I told you so. But it did come out. “I was afraid all that soap would be bad for the frog.”

Billy responded, “I don’t think it was the soap. I think it was the spin cycle that did him in.”

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