Bertrand the Motorcycle Artist

A Little Humor
Bertrand The Artist Finally Gets Recognition

Bertrand is an artist who paints landscapes that include motorcycles. It’s been a while since he got a check from Imagined Images, so he goes to asks Markus, the owner what’s up.

Well, my friend,” answers the gallery owner, “you have been in a bit of a slump. But I have good news and maybe-not-so-good news.”

“Tell me the good news!” “Just this morning a man came in and asked if the value of your paintings would go up if you died. I told him that an artist’s paintings almost always increase in value after the artist dies. After all, the law of supply and demand works in the world of art as it does everywhere else.

“Yes, yes, but then what happened?”

“He bought all eighteen of your paintings—every single one I had on hand.”

“But that’s wonderful! What’s the maybe-not-so-good news?”

“He was your doctor.”

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