Annabelle Gets a Second Chance at Life

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A Little Humor

Annabelle Gets a Forty-Year Life Extension

Annabelle was a dedicated Harley Davidson rider. Through no fault of her motorcycle, she had a heart attack. She found herself floating above her body, which was on the operating table, and walking down a corridor toward a bright light.

“God, is that you?” she asked.

“I’m here, Annabelle,” a deep, mellow voice answered.

“Am I dying? I’m only forty-five, and there are so many things I still want to do, so many rides I haven’t taken.”

God listened. “Well, okay, I’ll give you a standard forty-year extension.”

Schwoop! Annabelle was back in her body, in the recovery room. She clung to the memory of her near-death experience. She thought about all the things she hadn’t done and she thought about the forty years she still had to live.

The next day she told her doctor, “Look, while I’m in here, I’d like to have some work done. I’ve got a new lease on life and I want to look my best while I enjoy it.”

She had a facelift, a tummy tuck, and strategic liposuction.

Riding her Harley home from the hospital, she was struck by a semi and killed instantly. When she arrived in heaven, she asked God, “What happened to that forty-year extension you promised? Why didn’t you snatch me out of the path of that truck?”

“I didn’t recognize you.”

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