Angela's Ear Muffs

A Little Humor

Mike, owner of the construction company, watched as Angela parked her motorcycle, took off her helmet, and replaced it with a hard hat. In the below-freezing temperatures and icy wind, her ears were soon red.

Angela had done a terrific job all year, and Mike had been pondering a little reward for her in addition to a year-end bonus. He’d thought about candy or even flowers, but those seemed too much like asking for a date, and might be misconstrued.

“Her ears must be cold,” he thought. “I’ll get her earmuffs. Those aren’t too personal, are they”

And so he gave her a set of earmuffs.

When he came back to the site a few days later, he noticed Angela wasn’t wearing the earmuffs.

“Didn’t you like the earmuffs? Were they the wrong color? I hope you didn’t think they were inappropriate,” he said to her.

“No, sir. I like the color and I don’t think the gift was inappropriate.”

“Then why aren’t you wearing them?”

“I put them on right away, but when Louie offered to buy lunch, I didn’t hear him. So I had to stop wearing them.”

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