An Athletic Animal

by Eagle Leather
A Little Humor
How Does A Turkey Stay Safe in November?

The Seahawks had just finished their practice one day in September when a big tom turkey strutted onto the field. He walked right up to Pete Carroll and asked politely for a tryout.

“I play tight end,” said the turkey.

Coach Carroll looked at the players, but they were as amazed as he was. He nodded and motioned to Russell Wilson to throw some passes. Lo and behold, the turkey caught pass after pass, including some of Wilson’s longest and hardest throws. He ran right through the linemen and eluded tackles again and again.

Coach Carroll was duly impressed. “You’re great! Sign up, and you’ll get a huge bonus.”

“Never mind the bonus,” the turkey responded. “What I need to be sure about is, does your season go past Thanksgiving Day?”

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