Albert Talks to Satan

A Little Humor
Albert Waits in Line for Judgement

Albert was a motorcycle enthusiast with a big bump of curiosity. After a long and happy life, filled with many rides and a host of friends, Al died. He found himself at the tail end of a long, long line of souls waiting for judgment.

The line moved quickly, and before long Al saw that, up at the head of the line, some souls were sent right through the Pearly Gates into Heaven. He could hear the harps whenever the Gates opened. But other souls were sent over to Satan. The Prince of Darkness would through the wailing souls into a lake of fire. And, every once in a while, Satan would toss one to the side.

Al tried to figure out why some souls were thrown right into Hell and others were put aside. It couldn’t be gender, because both men and women were tossed in and both men and women were tossed aside. Race? Same thing. What could it be?

Al couldn’t help it. He had to know. He walked right up to Satan and asked, “Your Evilness, I’m in line waiting for judgment and I saw you throw many people into your lake of fire. But every so often you toss someone aside, and I wondered why.”

Satan barked out an evil laugh and said, “I have to let them dry out so they’ll burn. They’re from the Pacific Northwest."

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